Student Resources

Borrowing of University Equipment

Students may only borrow University equipment with express permission. The student is responsible for safeguarding any borrowed University equipment. All such equipment used by the student is expected to be returned in good condition. Students may be charged for damaged or missing equipment. Lab equipment cannot be borrowed or removed from the Nursing labs.

Orono Student Nursing Association (OSNA)

The Orono Student Nurses Association (OSNA) is a pre-professional student nursing organization at the University of Maine. Through leadership and teamwork, OSNA members participate in enriching local, state, and national projects which foster pride and excitement in joining the nursing profession, including philanthropic activities and representation at the National Student Nurses Association annual convention. OSNA members work to promote an awareness of professional nursing with other nursing students, the University of Maine campus, the community, and the national student nurses association.

OSNA officers are elected annually and consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary and one representative from the second, third-, and fourth-year classes. The School of Nursing pays the OSNA membership dues for first-year nursing students.

Student Representee on School Committees

Two students in the School of Nursing shall be selected as representatives to the regular faculty meeting of the School of Nursing.

The Clery Act

Please note: A federal law called The Clery Act requires the University to disclose to prospective students our three-year statistics regarding campus crime. You can obtain a copy of this report by visiting the UMaine Police website or by contacting the Director of Public Safety, University of Maine, 5794 Public Safety Building, Orono, ME 04473, 207.581.4053.