Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Students

Please reach out to UMaine Admissions at  

YES! Our traditional third semester is designed to allow for students to study abroad.  We also offer an international service learning program.  

You can find more information about Studying Abroad here

UMaine offers the opportunity for students to take up to 12 Early College credits during high school for in-state residents. If you are interested in “Early College”, please find more information here.

Matriculated Students

The School of Nursing has two academic advisors. You will be assigned an academic advisor to work with you on your schedule each semester and help you enroll in your courses. 

1) Check transfer equivalency tool to see if it’s there

  • Go to find equivalent courses at other institutions
  • Select the UMS Institution you will transfer credit to University of Maine
  • Type in Subject Area ____ (e.g.. PSY) and Catalog Number ____ (e.g. 100) 
  • See if you can find your institution and course listed

2) If you do not see your course in the transfer equivalency tool

  • Contact with the institution, course number, and syllabus of the course you would like to transfer in and the title of the UMaine course you would like it to transfer for to see if the course will count.

Please find more information about the Math Placement Exam here

You will need to request AP credits be sent from the AP College Board to UMaine Office of Student Records

Please reach out to with any housing related questions. 

  • You should complete a housing application and send it to Umaine Housing
  • If you have questions related to nursing-specific activities, please contact 

YES! Our traditional third semester is designed to allow for students to study abroad.  We also offer an international service learning program. 

You can find more information about Studying Abroad here

Enrolled Students

You can find directions to access degree progress here. This shows you what you have completed and what you still need to complete before you finish your BSN in Nursing. 

  • If you have access to MaineStreet, and have no Business Office holds on your account, you should be able to print your own copy of an Unofficial transcript.
  • Login to MaineStreet
  • Select Self-Service.
  • Select Student Center.
  • Select Request Transcript:  View Unofficial from the drop-down box labeled “Other Academic.”

Please go to your Class Student Center home in your UMaine portal and it should be halfway down the right-hand side of the page. 

No, your advisor should approve your wishlist, and you should not need a PIN. 

  • Sometimes, classes do not run the entire semester. They may have a different start date. You can check the course dates in your MaineStreet.
  • Online courses show up differently in your schedule, if you are not seeing it, it may be online.
  • If you have checked these and you do not see the course in your mainestreet, reach out to your advisor.

Please contact your academic advisor for any changes to your schedule once your Wish List has been approved. 

Please reach out to Meredith Lee is the main contact for nursing students.  

  • Full-time status is considered 12 credits. Sometimes, students come into the SON program with many early college, AP, or transfer credits. If you need more courses to reach a minimum of 12 credits, you can consider adding a minor concentration. We have a partnership with Women and Gender Studies (WGS), and students only need to take 3 additional courses to complete this.

  • This is a traditional, four-year BSN program. To lighten the workload, we have built-in opportunities for students to take some approved courses during the Winter/May/summer term. You will work with your advisor each semester on your schedule to determine what will work best for your goals. 
  • Nursing is built on scaffolding courses and requires prerequisites, especially prior to semesters with clinical rotations. 

  • Check the transfer equivalency tool to see if the course will count.  If it is not in there, please follow the other steps for transferring credits to another institution before taking the class and discuss this decision with your advisor also check in with financial aid or any other stakeholders such as Athletics for athletes.  
  • Note:
    • If you are retaking a course that you did not meet the benchmark in, you should be retaking that at UMaine for it to replace the grade and have an impact on your GPA.  
    • Many scholarships, financial aid, and other commitments have specific credit hour requirements.  You need to be taking a minimum of 12 credits hours at UMaine to remain full-time. 
  • Study Away Form: This form is for taking credits at other institutions within the United States.
    •  The form can be found on the MaineStreet landing page (under forms and documents) or on the Office of Student Records forms page (under  Forms for Students, fifth form from the top).  I’ve attached a copy below, and you can also find a link to the OSR form here.
    • Students can use financial aid for courses at other domestic institutions this way.

Please remember to review your School of Nursing Student Handbook for important information.