Lobster Institute

Media highlight naming of new Lobster Institute executive director

The Bangor Daily News, Mainebiz, the Penobscot Bay Pilot and Seafoodneews.com highlighted the naming of Christina Cash as the new executive director of the University of Maine Lobster Institute, effective May 17. Formerly the captain and owner/operator of a lobster boat, Cash is native to the state of Maine and graduated from UMaine. She is […]

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Chris Cash named executive director of UMaine Lobster Institute

Maine native and University of Maine alumna Christina Cash has been named executive director at the UMaine Lobster Institute, effective May 17. Cash has been with the Lobster Institute since 2021, serving as the assistant director of communication and outreach, and more recently as interim director. Before joining the institute, Cash served as an advancement […]

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A photo illustration of a woman holding tubes of a lip product

Lobster Lips: UMaine-spinout skincare brand launches lobster-based lip treatments

Marin, the Portland, Maine-based skincare startup and spin-out from the University of Maine, has launched a new lip treatment made with marine glycoproteins, an upcycled byproduct of lobster processing.  The company’s new Glycoprotein Lip Treatment comes in two varieties, unscented and blueberry french toast, and drops just in time for dry skin season. Like Marin’s […]

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A photo of Robert Steneck

UMaine researcher who helped reshape marine science in Maine retires

When Bob Steneck came to the University of Maine in 1982, there were few marine ecologists in the state, and none interacted with fishermen. He was among the first in Maine to work with lobstermen on research, traveling with them on their boats, diving to the seafloor to study lobsters and sharing his findings with […]

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WFVX cites Lobster Institute information about blue lobsters

In an article about a rare blue lobster caught off Beal’s Lobster Pier in Southwest Harbor, WFVX-TV (Fox 22/ABC 7 in Bangor) noted information from the University of Maine Lobster Institute explaining the blue hue comes from a genetic defect that causes the lobster to make excessive amounts of a protein that creates the color.

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CBS News cites molting information from UMaine Lobster Institute

In an article about a rare orange lobster with a missing claw found in Casco Bay and housed at the University of New England, CBS News cited an online resource with information about molting from the University of Maine Lobster Institute. According to the Lobster Institute, molting is a growth process that involves lobsters struggling“out […]

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A group of people holding awards in a carpeted ballroom

UMaine researchers and students share their science at the Maine Fishermen’s Forum

University of Maine students, researchers, Marine Extension Team members and alumni were among the more than 2,000 participants in the 48th Maine Fishermen’s Forum in Rockport, March 2–4. The annual three-day event brings together fishermen, gear suppliers, scientists, government officials and others to share information and collaborate on all things fishing: markets, resource status, regulations, […]

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Beal, Wahle speak to PPH about farming lobster

The Portland Press Herald interviewed Brian Beal and Rick Wahle about the potential to farm lobster in Maine. Beal stated that according to his research, lobsters can be farmed economically. “The reason why there is nothing going on is that the fishery doesn’t want it to happen. They think it will negatively affect their bottom […]

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Grunge cites UMaine Lobster Institute information about lobster feeding

In an article about lobsters using their feet to taste food, Grunge cited information from the University of Maine Lobster Institute explaining that lobsters eat tough seafood like crabs and mussels by using their claws to rip their prey into pieces and break through tough shells and use its limbs to bring the morsel into […]

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