North Atlantic

Being There

An unprecedented expedition to the North Atlantic yields new insights into the life-sustaining spring bloom.

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Why Not?

Perspectives on why girls continue to be absent from the country’s STEM equation.

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Sports Writers

From high school students to Olympians, athletes benefit from journaling about their experiences on the practice and playing fields.

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Economist Participating in Energy Study Tour in Canada

A University of Maine researcher who specializes in the economics of energy, light-duty transportation, greenhouse gas emissions and alternative fuels is heading to Alberta, Canada, Aug. 28-30 to participate in a tour of the Canadian oil sands region, which contains one of the largest proven oil reserves in the world second only to Saudi Arabia. […]

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Workshop to focus on growing seaweed

In Maine and elsewhere, aquaculturists, harvesters, researchers and those in the business of making products from marine macroalgae are increasingly interested in seaweed. This is due to some innovative research being conducted in the region, and because Maine now has the first and only commercial kelp aquaculture operation in the United States, Portland-based Ocean Approved […]

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