Alumni profiles

Adam Barker-Hoyt

Adam Barker-Hoyt: Alumnus offers energy alternatives for Mainers

Adam Barker-Hoyt spent 12 years studying at the University of Maine, where he received dual bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and philosophy, and a master’s degree in mathematics. For some, mathematics and philosophy might seem like an odd match, but for Barker-Hoyt, knowledge of both have helped him successfully run his business. “Since my focus in […]

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Allan Arch

Allan Arch: Celebrating UMaine for 50 years

Allan Arch, a 1965 University of Maine alumnus, was a student during the university’s 100th anniversary. This October, he is experiencing another UMaine milestone as the institution celebrates its 150th anniversary. Arch of Fort Lauderdale, Florida returned to campus Oct. 7–8 for his 50th reunion. “I remember the 100th as a special year,” he says. […]

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