Media cite UMaine Climate Reanalyzer in reporting about hottest week on record

The Associated Press, New York Times, CNN, Fortune, Axios, Mother Jones, CBS News, USA Today, Maine Monitor, The Globe and Mail,,, Science News, The Pointer, Spectrum News 1 (Austin, Texas) and The Nation cited data from the University of Maine Climate Change Institute’s Climate Reanalyzer in reporting about how Earth’s average temperature set a new unofficial record high on Thursday, the third such milestone in a week that has already been rated as the hottest on record. The UMaine Climate Reanalyzer shows that the planetary average hit 63 degrees Fahrenheit, surpassing the 62.9-degree mark set Tuesday and equaled Wednesday. U.S. News and World Report, Marketwatch, ABC News, Yahoo! News, Aol, The Independent, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, The Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, the Omaha World-Herald, The Boston Globe, the Houston Chronicle, The Seattle Times, the Miami Herald, the Las Vegas Sun, The Charlotte Observer, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, The Sacramento Bee, the Portland Press Herald, the Bangor Daily News, WABI (Channel 5 in Bangor) and other outlets shared the AP report.