News Center Maine features UMaine research on the American marten

News Center Maine featured University of Maine research that shows studying the marten habitat automatically monitors other vital Maine species with less time and money. Alessio Mortelliti, UMaine associate professor and principal investigator of the study, spoke to News Center Maine about the research and its implications. “If you put in the effort and resources to monitor the trends of the species over time, those efforts you’re putting in will automatically allow you to monitor many other species, and we found up to 11 other species,” Mortelliti said. Aaron Weiskittel, director of the Center for Research on Sustainable Forests, also spoke to News Center Maine about the American marten. “As we train the foresters today, they’re thinking about much broader things than just the typical tree diameter [and] tree height. It’s about wildlife habitat. It’s about conservation value,” Weiskittel said.