Media talks with administrators, students for return to campus coverage

WVII (Channel 7) talked with Robert Dana, University of Maine dean of students, and John Volin, UMaine executive vice president for academic affairs and provost, in reporting on move-in day on campus, and the conclusion of the week-long celebration of student research and creativity. Senior student Kenneth Hugel said masks are a necessary annoyance. First-year student Gracie Orwig, a participant in the Research Learning Experience (RLE) program, said the RLE is teaching students how to do research, and to apply that research in their everyday lives. Sophomore Katie Ritchie, who is also participating in the RLE program, said she had met more people last week than she met in her first year at UMaine. WABI also spoke with Dana, and with UMaine President Joan Ferrini-Mundy, who said gathering students in a learning community is an important part of the college experience.