UMaine launches ‘The Maine Question’ podcast

The University of Maine has launched its podcast “The Maine Question.” 

Host Ron Lisnet talks with UMaine pioneers, including those who explore backyard gardens, the depths of the oceans, Earth’s highest peaks, or beyond. 

They’ll share why they’re passionate about their research and what it means for Maine and the world.

In the inaugural episode, Michael Kinnison talks about environmental DNA (Maine-eDNA). This transformative tool — think of a DNA net — detects everything that’s been in the water, from microbes to whales. The tool also works in snow, sediment, soil and air. 

Kinnison, a professor of evolutionary applications, calls eDNA a game-changer for environmental monitoring, ecological understanding and sustainability of coastal ecosystems.

This season, Lisnet also talks with an assistant professor of human nutrition who makes tasty dog biscuits from green crabs; a sociologist who wrote a book about redefining the family and being child-free by choice; and the director of the Climate Change Institute who led a National Geographic and Rolex research expedition on Everest.

Lisnet, who graduated from UMaine with a degree in forestry, manages visual media at his alma mater, does radio play-by-play for the men’s basketball team, and acts in local theatre productions.  

Find the podcast on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Spotify and The Maine Question website. New episodes will be added every other Thursday. Give them a listen. And we welcome your Maine questions and topics of interest at

Contact: Ron Lisnet,, 207.581.3779