Medical Xpress publishes release on home canning salsa, food safety

Medical Xpress published a University of Maine news release about a new study that found a majority of online recipes for home canning salsa lack adequate food safety standards. The study, led by University of Maine Cooperative Extension professor Kathy Savoie and Jen Perry, an assistant professor of food microbiology, examined 56 recipes for home canning salsa from 43 food blogs. They found that in 70 percent of the recipes, USDA home canning guidelines were not included in four categories: acidification, thermal processing, contaminants and vacuum sealing, according to the release. To ensure the food safety of canned homemade salsa, the researchers recommend accessing resources from the USDA, UMaine Extension and National Center for Home Food Preservation for the latest techniques and guidelines, and to use recipes that have been tested to ensure safety, the release states. TekCrispy mentioned the study in its piece “Las recetas para salsas enlatadas en casa son riesgosas para la salud,” or “Recipes for home-canned salsas are risky for health.”