Food in Canada reports on wild blueberry research by Klimis-Zacas, Ph.D student

Food in Canada magazine reported on wild blueberry research led by Dorothy Klimis-Zacas, a professor of clinical nutrition at the University of Maine, and Panagiotis Tsakiroglou, a Ph.D student at UMaine. Wild blueberries are rich in compounds including anthocyanins and phenolic acids, which have beneficial effects on chronic diseases. The research team found that when human endothelial cells are exposed to specific concentrations of wild blueberry extracts, the treatment can influence the formation of new blood vessels and cell migration, which is essential for wound healing. The team plans to begin conduction trials of wound-healing products based on these extracts, according to the report. “These findings have big potential not only for the promotion of improved wound healing and tissue regeneration, but also in the development of new ways to treat burn patients,” Klimis-Zacas said.