Mayewski profiled in Press Herald piece on Maine’s Arctic experts

Paul Mayewski, director of the University of Maine’s Climate Change Institute, was featured in the Portland Press Herald article, “Meet Maine’s Arctic experts.” Mayewski is one of several presenters scheduled to speak at the Maine-Arctic Forum at the University of Southern Maine in Portland. The explorer and scientist has led more than 50 expeditions to the Arctic, Antarctica, the Himalayas, the Tibetan Plateau and the Andes, according to the article. His scientific focus is on documenting the changes in atmospheric chemistry, including those occurring naturally and those caused by humans, and he pioneered the use of calibrated ice core records to document centuries of old atmospheric conditions, the article states. Despite his global focus, Mayewski is quick to note how the climate change threatening the Arctic is going to affect Maine: driving up sea levels; changing ocean circulation that impacts the Gulf of Maine; producing more icebergs and threatening marine navigation; and colder, stormier Maine winters, the Press Herald reported. Mayewski will talk about the Arctic’s changing climate and resulting economic opportunities and geopolitical concerns Oct. 3 during the panel discussion, “Arctic Science: Ice Melt & Climate Change.” The Press Herald, along with other news organizations including Maine Public, Bangor Daily News, The Christian Science Monitor, Alaska Dispatch News and WLBZ (Channel 2), also reported on the forum.