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Mary Mahoney ONeil: Navigate is going to be a use of technology campus-wide. There’s going to be the involvement of a student mobile app, as well as a platform for faculty, advisors, and staff to just better serve students. To better communicate about student needs and improve engagement across campus.

It won’t replace the human piece of things. It’s just going to enhance so that there’s more clear communication, more of it. Particular targeted groups for students that have shown interest we’ll be able to get them information faster and smoother.

The actual platform and the actual mobile app have been created by EAB. What we need to do now is custom fit it to the needs of the University of Maine. We’re looking at our student body. What are our student needs? What’s our culture here? What’s our community like? I think this more fluid level of communication across the campus is exactly what we’ve needed.

We just want to continue to build a sense of community and make it better.