Student Resources

For Fall 2024 course enrollment, please check this page.

For prospective MSIS students:

  • You can apply for the program here.
  • The MSIS program has rolling enrollments. International students are usually accepted up to two month before the start of the first semester. U.S. based students are accepted up to 2 weeks before the start of the semester.  We recommend to start in the Fall semester since the course sequence builds with the Fall semester and the foundation courses are currently offered once per school year.
  • A common question of prospective students is about available funding and graduate assistantships.
    • Financial support is highly competitive and prioritized for students in thesis programs.  Limited partial scholarships are available for highly qualified students (First Class honors or Second Class honors- upper division)  in nonthesis master’s degree programs.
    • The Graduate School has this page on their website which, at the bottom, has a list of positions that were sent  by various departments.
    • Additionally, the university has a CareerLink resource which allows you to browse various job listings, including assistantships.
  • We do not offer application fee waivers.

For new, first semester MSIS students:

  • Please use your email address since all official contact will be done via this email address.
  • New, first semester MSIS student need to contact their academic advisor and discuss the selection of their first semester courses. Once the courses are selected, the student will activated and enrolled in the courses via the Graduate School.
    • Please fill out and submit this form.

For MSIS students:

Once you are passed the initial enrollment the following applies to you for the following semesters.

  • After the initial enrollment, you can self-service enroll in courses using Mainestreet.
    • Please check with the Grad School for more information here.
    • You can enroll in and drop courses.
    • Note, that each semester, courses usually can be added until the end of the first semester week, and dropped for a full refund until about 3 weeks after the beginning of the semester.
  • Enrollment for the following semester starts
    • around end the end October for the Spring semester and
    • April for the Summer and Fall semester.
  • Note, that courses fill up quickly and register early.
  • International students need to enroll in at least one in-person course for visa purposes.
  • To track your progress in your program please use one of the following program of study sheets:

For graduating MSIS students:

Checklist for graduating students:

  • In the semester before your graduation, please check with your advisor to check your program progress.
  • You also need to fill out an official program of study that is signed by you, your advisor and the Graduate Program Coordinator.  The forms can be found here:
  • Students must be registered for at least 1 CR in the semester they plan to graduate.
  • In the semester you plant to graduate, you need to apply for Graduation on Mainestreet. Please check for more information on the graduation process the Graduate School website
  • Note the deadlines for application for graduation.