Ocean Technology Conference 2016


Ocean Technology in New England and Atlantic Canada: Promoting a Network of Collaboration

The Ocean Technology sectors of New England and Atlantic Canada are comprised of companies, institutions, and organizations dedicated to ocean and marine-related technology, education, training, research and development, promotion, delivery and application. The technology is used to deliver solutions and generate efficiencies through safe and sustainable exploration, development, monitoring a
nd use of ocean resources.

The region boasts world-renowned institutions, companies, industry associations and cluster organizations that are engaged in providing solutions for offshore energy development, fisheries and aquaculture, ocean observation and monitoring, transportation, climate change adaptation, marine recreation and tourism, and defense and security.

This conference aims to facilitate conversations among cluster organizations with a goal to promoting integration of the growing Ocean Technology sectors in New England and Atlantic Canada towards joint R&D, product development and technology transfer opportunities.

Proceedings of the conference will be video recorded and shared on this portal.

Program Outline

April 27

Venue: Buchanan Alumni House

April 28

Venue: Wells Conference Center, Room 1


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