Wave Tank

The wave tank is 1.0 meter wide, 1.0 meter tall and 8.00 meters long. The water depth is maintained at 0.7 meters. Waves are generated using a plunger type with a wedge shaped device. The wedge shaped device has 0.5 meters on its base and 0.50 of height, and it is submerged 0.375 m. The wedge shaped device is moved using 6.8 kW electric linear servo motor, which is controlled by PI controller.

Alfond W2 Ocean Engineering Lab at the Advanced Structures and Composites Center:

The Alfond W2 Ocean Engineering Lab is a 1:50-scale offshore model testing facility equipped with a high-performance rotatable wind machine over a multidirectional wave basin. The lab accurately simulates towing tests, variable water depths, and scaled wind and wave conditions that represent some of the worst storms possible anywhere on Earth.

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ANSYS AQWA software is used to analyze the hydrodynamic assessment of all types of offshore and marine structures, including: FPSOs, SPARs, and Ships.


HARP/CHARM3D is a suite of integrated hydrodynamic and structural analysis modules for offshore engineering applications. MOOR team works with the software developer Houston Offshore Inc. and is involved in using this software in NREL’s OC5 international code comparison exercise.


ORCAFLEX is a time domain analysis package for mooring and slender structure analysis in various seastates. MOOR team members work with Maine Marine Composites in using this software.