Graduate Students

Liv Valö, JD, MA

Liv Valö, JD, MA | Email

Education: JD, University of Georgia School of Law; BA Honors, English, Roanoke College

Postbac: Spirituality, Meaning, and Health Lab, University of Connecticut

Research Interests: Emotion Regulation, Mindfulness, Depression, Suicidality, Resilience, Aging


Aubrey Legasse, MA | Email

Education: MA, University of Maine; BA Honors, Psychology, Providence College; BS Honors, Health Policy and Management, Providence College 

Postbac: Psychosocial and Behavioral Medicine and Addictions Research Labs at Butler Hospital

Research Interests: Emotion regulation, self-harm, suicide


  • Neil Rafferty (lab manager)
  • Syerra-Marie Carmone
  • Collette Filer
  • Taylor Hamm
  • Madison Legassey
  • Mikayla Padilla
  • Noah Pierini
  • Gabrielle Sands
  • Alexis Wagner
  • Bethany Wolfe

Lab Alumni

Colin M. Bosma, PhD | Email

Predoctoral Internship: George Fox University Integrated Care Internship

Dissertation: Individual Differences and Ecological Validity of Emotion Regulation in Response to Sadness

Postdoctoral Fellowship: Providence Medical Group – Oregon Postdoctoral Residency in Clinical Psychology Internship

Personal Website:

Doctoral Students:

Victoria Quinones, PhD | Email

Predoctoral Internship: Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care

Dissertation: The Relationship between Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Suicidal Ideation: The Role of Emotion Reactivity and Problem Solving

Postdoctoral Position: Fellowship in Primary Care Behavioral Health at Brown University

Olivia Bogucki, PhD | Email

Predoctoral Internship: VA University of California San Diego

Dissertation: Cognitive, Mood, and Cardiovascular Reactivity and Recovery in Response to Sadness in Remitted Major Depressive Disorder

Postdoctoral Position: Medical Psychology Fellowship, Clinical Health Psychology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.


Rachel Goetze, PhD | Email

Internship: VA Boston Healthcare System, Boston, Massachusetts

Dissertation: The Role of Perceived Control and Cardiac Function Among Women with Binge Eating Symptomatology

Postdoctoral Position: Medical Psychology Fellowship, Clinical Health Psychology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.

Research Assistants:

  • Maggie White (2020)
  • Ethan Seymour, BA (2020)
  • Will O’Neil (2020)
  • Lydia Lavoie, BA (2020)
  • Chris Carey, BS (2019)
  • Jessica Correale (2019)
  • Allwynne Bound (2019)
  • Alix Paradis (2019)
  • Maliyan Binette, BS (2019)
  • Ryan Boucher, BA (2019)
  • Rebecca Bell (2018)
  • Meaghan Delcourt, BA (2018)
  • Amber Stacy, BA (2018)
  • Natasha Bourgoin, BA (2018)
  • Charlee Noble, BA (2018)
  • Daniele Gold, BA (2018)
  • Marisa Tandy, BA (2018)
  • McKenna Martin (2018)
  • Ian Raugh, BA (2017)
  • Kim Herron, BA (2017)
  • Jack Brown (2017)
  • Sam Johnson (2017)
  • Jessica Correale (2017)
  • Mia De La Rosa (2017)
  • Isabella Capone (2017)
  • Asia Wohlfeil (2017)
  • Kayla Jackson (2017)
  • Emma Freeman (2017)
  • Katie Willis (2016)
  • Erin Nason (2016)
  • Maren Leach (2016)
  • Bryanna Plummer, BA (2016)
  • Ryan Tardiff (2015)
  • Ashley Tudder, BA (2015)
  • Cole Spike (2015)
  • Zachary Glen (2014)