John Peckenham

Research Interests:

  • Drinking water quality and public water supply
  • Natural groundwater contaminants
  • Water resource management
  • Source water protection
  • Remediating contaminated water and soil
  • Science education
  • Citizen science
  • Stakeholder outreach

Research Projects:


  • Dalhousie University, M.Sc. (Geology/Geophysics)
  • Bates College, B.S. (Geology)


John Peckenham, a research associate with the Mitchell Center, has worked for decades on wastewater and water pollution in Maine and has direct experience with contamination of groundwater from biosolids. He is the former director of the U.S. Geological Survey’s Maine Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI), which is headquartered at the Mitchell Center.

Selected Publications:

J.M. Peckenham and T. Ashtankar, “A Decision-Support Tool to Build Water Supply Capacity: Methodological Development,” Journal of the New England Water Works Association (2014).

J.M. Peckenham and S. Peckenham, “Assessment of Quality for Middle Level and High School Student-Generated Water Quality Data,” Journal of the American Water Resources Association (2014).

J.M. Peckenham, D. Hart, S. Smith, S. Jain, and W. King, “The Path to Sustainable Water Resources Solutions,” Maine Policy Review 21 (2012): 46-57.

Q. Want, J. Peckenham, J. Pinto, and H. Patterson, “Kinetics and Equilibrium Properties of the Biosorption of Cu2+ by Algae,” Environmental Science and Pollution Research 19 (2012): 3889-3894.

J. Peckenham, H. Patterson, C. Roesler, J. Pinto, and C. Proctor, “Real-Time Algae Monitoring for Drinking Water Security,” Lakelines (2011).

J.M. Peckenham, T. Thornton, and P. Peckenham, “Validation of Student Generated Data for the Assessment of Groundwater Quality,” Journal of Science Education and Technology 21 (2011): 287-294.

Rubin, P. Garder, C. Morris, P. McKee, K. Nichols, J. Peckenham, A. Stern, and T. Johnson, “Public Decisions for Winter Roads: Salt, Safety, Environment, and Cost,” Public Administration Review (2010).

J.M. Peckenham, “The Occurrence and Persistence of MtBE in Groundwater in Windham, Maine, USA,” Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation 30 (2010): 53-62.

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