Digital Humanities

What is (are?) the Digital Humanities?

Digital humanities is a sub-field of humanistic study that uses digital tools and technologies to further humanistic inquiry, allowing for new methodologies of research, criticism, and creative expression. Areas of DH specialization can include GIS mapping, text mining, big data, network analysis, annotated text, and AR/VR to name a few. The research is still the humanities at the heart, but aided with new technologies, much as the humanities has been since its inception.

The Clement and Linda McGillicuddy Humanities Center is dedicated to building a humanities infrastructure which promotes, educates, and innovates various matters of DH through our training workshops, affiliated projects, symposia, and speaker series. We also support faculty working in the fields of digital humanities with funding and training.


DH Pop Ins

Beginning in 2020, Humanities Specialist Karen Sieber, who has worked in DH for years on award winning projects, began thinking of ways she could better reach a skeptical audience to promote not just the research benefits of DH, but the fact that there are free, easy, quick ways that scholars can be using DH right now with little to no background skills or barriers. The DH PopIn series introduces students and faculty to easy-to-use tools and methods in the digital realm that help explore humanities themes in new and exciting ways. The series will also feature virtual chats with noted DH practitioners from across the country to discuss their process behind building a variety of different projects, from GIS mapping to textual analysis.

For more on DH Pop In events click here.


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