Online resources from the Microbes and Social Equity Symposium June 14 – 18, 2021

The Microbes and Social Equity working group and The University of Maine Institute of Medicine presented an inaugural symposium on:

“Microbes, Social Equity, and Rural Health”

Summary: This meeting highlights recent investigations into beneficial and detrimental instances of microbial exposure, in the context of how social policy may mediate or deepen disparities between and within populations. In addition to invited presentations on thematic sections, each section will involve a discussion session using smaller breakout groups, to facilitate conversations and brainstorming between attendees. These groups will be arranged around smaller themes or research questions, and group members will identify knowledge gaps for future research, as well as list actionable steps that can be taken using existing research to promote equitable social policy. Ideally, meeting attendees will gain knowledge, collaborators and connections, and a path forward for turning their research into evidence-based policy to support public health.

For recordings of presentations and other resources go to: