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Connecting FACES in Maine: Addressing Racial Disparities in the Education of Black Students on the Autism Spectrum

Designed for families and professionals,
this free training module is led by Dr. Jamie Pearson.
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Fostering Advocacy, Communication, Empowerment, and Supports for African American Families of Children with Autism (FACES)  is our newest online, asynchronous training Module.

In this training module, Dr. Jamie Pearson provides participants with foundational knowledge about disparities that exist among minority students with Autism, and shares strategies to help support parents and educators identify appropriate services and supports for minority children with Autism. By completing this module, participants will learn more about Autism and the characteristics of autism, identify appropriate services and supports for working with minority children with Autism and their families, learn about strategies for working with children with Autism, and develop a plan to ensure equity and access to appropriate services and supports.

Professionals earn 12 contact hours upon completion of training and post-survey!

Speaker Bio

Dr. Jamie Pearson is an Assistant Professor of Special Education in the Department of Teacher Education and Learning Sciences at North Carolina State University. Dr. Pearson’s areas of research include investigating disparities in the diagnosis of autism and access to services for minority families and assessing the impact of parent-advocacy and empowerment training on family dynamics and child outcomes.

Register online here