April is Autism Awareness Month!


April is Autism Awareness Month! We invite you to join us in the fun with these activities and help us spread the word about Autism in your community.

World autismAutism is a complex developmental disability that affects a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others.  In 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated 1 in 68 births are affected by autism.  Signs typically present during the first three years of life.

Join with others around the world on April 2nd for World Autism Awareness Day. In 2007, the United Nations General Assembly declared April 2nd “World Autism Day” to be celebrated annually beginning in 2008. In an effort to raise awareness of ASD, organizations and persons around the world join together to fundraise, plan events to help raise awareness, and show support by wearing symbols such as the autism awareness ribbon.

Autism Awareness packets are available from the Autism Society of Maine!

The Autism Society of Maine offers these ideas for bringing autism awareness to your community: Create a bulletin board, wear an autism ribbon, join ASM for the Autism Walk, or offer a presentation in your school or community. ASM offers posters, brochures, ribbons, and other information useful for spreading the word about autism in your community. Including packets five kidsspecifically for Schools, First Responders, and Doctor’s Offices, as well as their general information packet suitable for many uses. Contact the Autism Society of Maine by phone (1-800-273-5200) or email (library@asmonline.org) to request your packets and help us spread the word about ASD!


Join others in your community for the  Autism Walk April 24th Walks are being organized in four communities around the state to benefit the Autism Society of Maine: Biddeford, Bangor, Farmington, and Belfast. For more information check their website FMI or contact ASM by phone (1-800-273-5200) or email (info@asmonline.org)

Teachers: Download Puzzle Piece Project Tool Kit from AutismSpeaks. According to their website, this tool kit “is a fun and interactive educational tool kit for grade levels K-12 designed to increase students’ understanding of autism during Autism Awareness Month.  Developed by a special education teacher for teachers, the tool kit includes age-appropriate lesson plans, extended activities, materials and relevant internet resources.”

The National Autism Society offers additional ideas and items for purchase to help you recognize Autism Awareness Month on their website.

Check out our MAIER’s Community Event Calendar for special movie events in the month of April. Join friends to see Disney’s Jungle Book or attend a benefit Movie Premiere of “The Family Next Door.”

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