Recreation and Land Use

Following is a list of publications on recreation and land use that are available from the Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station. Some publications are also available in an electronic format, which may be accessed by clicking on the publication number.


  • B839–Black bear hunting in Maine: Do hunter characteristics affect opinions regarding hunting regulations, by ElHamazaoui et al. (1994)
  • B793–Estimation of the cost of providing publicly supported outdoor recreational facilities in Maine, by Reiling and Anderson (1983)
  • B791–Soil and topographic features that help predict the manageability of Sugarloaf Mountain, by Saviello and Struchtemeyer (1983)
  • B783–Economic impact of ice fishing in Maine (Part II of B778), by Reiling, Cook, and Taylor (1982)
  • B778–A comparison of Maine open water and ice fishing activities and participants, by Taylor and Reiling (1981)
  • B776–Baxter State Park: A profile of users, activities, and user attitudes, by Reiling, Montville, and Facchia (1981)
  • B760–Characteristics of Maine resident and non-resident hunters, by Faunce, Kezis, and White (1979)
  • B739–Structure, conduct, and performance of the commercial campground industry in Maine. Part I: campground industry structure, by Pompi and Seel (1977)
  • B733–Maine’s pleasure boat industry, Part 2. Maine boaters, by King and Nitschke (1977)
  • B718–Maine’s pleasure boat industry: Part 1, Marinas in Maine, by King (1976)
  • B700–Seasonal home residents in 5 Maine communities: Socio-economic characteristics, use patterns and environmental attitudes, by Tobey (1972)
  • B698–Maine’s Sebago-Long Lakes campgrounds: A market structure analysis, by Connors and Whittaker (1972)
  • B687–Campers at Lile Bay State Park–Socioeconomic characteristics and economic impact, by Buxton and Delphendahl (1970)
  • B675–Planning and law in Maine, Part IV: Suggested revision in Maine’s planning and land use control enabling legislation, by Delogu (1969)
  • B649–Some aspects of recreational usage and policy on municipal water supply areas in Maine, by Monteith and Corcoran (1967)
  • B616–The integration of year-round recreation and timberland management of the Passadumkeag Mountain region of eastern Maine, by Greenleaf (1963)
  • B614–A plan for the recreational development of the Machias Lake region in Washington County, Maine, by Bowen (1963)

Technical Bulletins

  • TB166–Maximum entropy estimation of land use shares and transitions, by Plantinga and Miller (1997)
  • TB133–Experimental stream applications of B.t.i. for human nuisance black fly management in the recreational area, by Gibbs, et al.  (1988)
  • TB037–Economic analysis of camping-oriented firms: 2, Manual for Maine outdoor recreation firm simulation, by Grueter (1969)
  • TB036–Economic analysis of camping-oriented recreation firms: 1, Simulation of a recreation firm: flow chart and computer program, by Grueter (1969)

Miscellaneous Reports

  • MR449 Allagash Wilderness Waterway Visitor Survey 2019, by Daigle and Cooper (2021)
  • MR443 Maine coastal islands visitor survey 2006–Deer Isle/Stonington region, by Ednie and Daigle (2007)
  • MR436–Allagash Wilderness Waterway Visitor Survey 2003, by Daigle (2005)
  • MR414–Public preferences for timber harvesting on private forest land purchased for public ownership in Maine , by Boyle and Teisl (1999)
  • MR410–Lakefront property owners’ economic demand for water clarity in Maine lakes, by Boyle, et al. (1998)
  • MR398–Water quality affects property prices: A case study of selected Maine lakes, by Michael, Boyle, and Bouchard (1996)
  • MR391–Maine Campground Occupancy Survey 1994, by Reiling, Reiling, and Montville (1995)
  • MR387–Crossing the Kennebec River on the Appalachian Trail in Maine, by Tynon and Rybicki (1995)
  • MR381–Penobscot River Recreation Study, by Tynon and Fusselman (1994)