Fruit and Vegetable Crops

Following is a list of publications on fruit and vegetable crop topics that are available from the Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station. Some publications are also available in an electronic format, which may be accessed by clicking on the publication number.


  • B847— Review of potential pasteurization methods for apple cider, by Donahue (1998)
  • B797–Consumer purchasing habits, acceptance and preferences for direct marketed small farm horticultural commodities in Maine, by Buitenhuys, Kezis, and Kerr (1983)
  • B796— A comparison of direct market user and nonuser habits, acceptance, and preferences for direct marketed small farms horticultural products, by Buitenhuys, et al. (1983)
  • B724— Marketing fresh fruits and vegetables through roadside stands and pick your own operations in Maine, by Metzger and Erhardt (1976)
  • B710— Marketing fresh vegetables through roadside stands, by Metzger, et al. (1974)
  • B704— Costs and returns on Maine apple farms, by Geiss and Harlan (1973)
  • B693— Sugar beets varieties for Maine 1965 to 1970, by Hepler (1971)
  • B629— Influence of certain fungicides on apparent photosynthesis of an entire apple tree, by Sirois, Cooper, and Hilborn (1964)
  • B626— The influence of light intensity, temperature and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration…mature apple tree, by Sirois and Cooper (1964)
  • B609— Ten years of snap bean studies in Maine, by Hutchinson and Murphy (1962_
  • B573— Palatability and vitamin C content of Maine-grown broccoli, by Murphy (1958)

Technical Bulletins

  • TB122— Comparison of alpha-and beta-carotene content of supermarkets vs roadside stand produce in Maine, by Bushway, Yang, and Yamani (1986)
  • TB064— Low temperature injury to apple trees in Maine, by Hilborn and Stiles (1986)

Miscellaneous Reports

  • MR433— Malting quality of Maine-grown barley, by Surjawan, et al. (2004)