Food Science and Nutrition

Following is a list of publications on food science and human nutrition topics that are available from the Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station. Some publications are also available in an electronic format, which may be accessed by clicking on the publication number.


  • B847–Review of potential pasteurization methods for apple cider, by Donahue (1998)
  • B821–Comparative health characteristics of adolescent and older mothers and their offspring in Maine, by Schilmoeller and Baranowski (1988)
  • B803–The effects of juice extraction methods on the quality of low-calorie blueberry jellies, by Yang (1984)
  • B794–Weight characteristics of Maine adults, by Cook, et al.  (1983)
  • B789–A breakeven analysis of two rural health maintenance organizational models, by Skinner, et al.  (1983)
  • B770–Nutritional assessment of elementary school children, by Musgrave (1980)
  • B762–Food intake patterns of Maine adults, by Cook, Taber, and Footer (1979)
  • B647–Water conservation in potato processing, by Highlands et al. (1967)
  • B624–A comparison of several peeling methods as applied to Maine potatoes for processing, by Pelletier, Getchel, and Highlands (1964)
  • B609–Ten years of snap bean studies in Maine, by Hutchinson and Murphy (1962)
  • B588–Tray packing fresh fryers at the store and plant levels, by Saunders and Jordan (1960)
  • B573–Palatability and vitamin C content of Maine-grown broccoli, by Murphy (1958)

Technical Bulletins

  • TB201–Comparison of the efficacy of sodium acid sulfate and citric acid treatments in reducing acrylamide formation in french fries, by Kim et al.  (2009)
  • TB122–Comparison of alpha-and beta-carotene content of supermarkets vs roadside stand produce in Maine, by Bushway, Yang, and Yamani (1986)
  • TB120–Alternative assessment of individual dietary intake-A pilot study, by Quatromoni and Cook (1986)
  • TB103–Factors determining potato chipping quality, by Work, Kezis, and True (1981)
  • TB050–Intestinal absorption of amino acids in vitro with special reference to the chicken: review of findings and methodology, by Lerner (1971)
  • TB042–The mycotoxic effects of fungi isolated from poultry feed ingredients, by Barden et al.  (1970)
  • TB040–Effect of dietary changes on the tissue composition of rats, by Radke, DeHaas, and Gabrielson (1969)
  • TB038–Utilization of amino acids from protein by the growing rat, efficiency of carcass protein formation, by Radke, DeHaas, and Cook (1969)
  • TB033–Utilization of amino acids from protein: Manual of procedures, by DeHaas, et al.  (1968)
  • TB021–Relationships of proteins, essential fatty acids and cholesterol in the rat and mouse, by Radke, et al.  (1966)
  • TB016–The effect of stress on the formation of tissue lipid from dietary protein, by Radke, DeHaas, and Jacobs (1965)
  • TB001–Effect of dietary protein and fat on the deposition of C14 from Rhodospirillum rubrum in rats conditioned to a low protein, by Radke, Norberg, and Gabrielson (1962)

Miscellaneous Publications

  • MP746–A conspectus of nutritional assessments of the Maine population across the lifespan 1966-1999, by Cook et al. (2000)
  • MP709–The availability of analytical services for Maine food processors, by Bushway, et al.  (1990)
  • MP703–A summary and analysis of the foodservice industry and trends in potato usage, by Kezis, et al.  (1990)
  • MP701–French fry quality: A varietal preference test, by True, et al. (1990)

Miscellaneous Reports

  • MR355–Consumer evaluations of selected Maine potato varieties in home use: Findings from market tests of 1988 and 1989, by Smith, et al.  (1991)
  • MR346–Marketing Maine potatoes to foodservice: A case study, by Peavey, et al.  (1990)
  • MR345–Maine Food Processors’ Association: Needs and opportunities, by Smith, et al.  (1990)