Dairy and Forage

Following is a list of publications on dairy and forage topics that are available from the Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station. Some publications are also available in an electronic format, which may be accessed by clicking on the publication number.


  • B854–Cost of producing milk in Maine: Results from the 2013 Dairy Cost-of-Production Survey, by Chen, Anderson, Bouchard, McGuire, Criner, and Marcinkowski (2016)
  • B853–Cost of producing milk in Maine: Results from the 2010 Dairy Cost-of-Production Survey, by Kersbergen, Anderson, Criner, and Davis (2013)
  • B851–A comparative analysis of organic dairy farms in Maine and Vermont: Farm financial information from 2004 to 2006, by Dalton et al. (2008)
  • B850–Representative farm budgets and performance indicators for integrated farming practices in Maine, by Hoshide, Dalton and Smith (2004)
  • B812–Dairy farmer indebtedness in Maine, by Thurston, Criner, and Reeb (1986)
  • B792–The development of the ability to select for increased milk production: The Jersey cow in Maine, 1900-1984, by Paton and Barton (1983)
  • B787–Impact on producer prices from expanding the New England marketing areas federal milk order to include the state of Maine, by Metzger (1982)
  • B784–Impact of government regulation on consumers and the milk industry in Maine, by Metzger (1982)
  • B781–Costs of transporting packaged dairy products by tractor-trailer in the Northeast, by Metzger (1982)
  • B772–Prevailing supermarket milk prices in Maine and other states, by Metzger (1980)
  • B756–Factors affecting the unit of milk distribution, by Metzger (1979)
  • B752–Reserve milk supplies of milk processors in Maine and Massachusetts, by Metzger (1978)
  • B711–Potato products for feeding purposes, by Dickey, Gerry, and Brugman (1974)
  • B708–Growth and disappearance of dairy farms in Maine, by Krofta (1974)
  • B703–Fertility content of fluid manure from Maine dairy farms, by McKenna, Brown, and Carpenter (1973)
  • B676–Fertilization responses of hayland grasses in Maine, by Brown, Carpenter, and Belyea (1969)
  • B666–Organizing Maine dairy farms for optimum returns, by Metzger (1968)
  • B639–Alternative systems for feeding Maine dairy cows, by Metzger and Tuthill (1966)
  • B637–Reducing frequency of home delivery of milk, by Metzger and Clarke (1966)
  • B612–Twice-weekly delivery on retail milk routes: Possible economies: Consumer and dealer attitudes toward adoption, by Metzger (1963)
  • B587–Field handling of baled hay, by Milne and Rowe (1959)
  • B580–Feeding antibiotics to dairy calves, by Dickey and Edgerly (1959)

Technical Bulletins

  • TB204–Organic milk production in Maine: Attributes, costs, and returns, by Cook, et al. (2010)
  • TB193–The cost of producing milk in Maine: Results from the 2005 dairy cost of production survey, by Dalton and Bragg (2006)
  • TB189–The cost of producing milk in Maine: Results from the 2002 dairy cost of production survey, by Dalton and Bragg (2003)
  • TB181–2000 Milk processing costs in Maine, by Dalton, Criner, and Halloran (2001)
  • TB158–Milk processing and distribution costs: Maine, 1993, by Howick and Criner (1994)
  • TB140–Milk processing and distribution costs: The Maine model, by Jacobs and Criner (1990)
  • TB106–A transshipment model of the Maine milk industry, by McLean, Kezis, Fitzpatrick, and Metzger (1982)
  • TB093–The impact of price deregulation and changes in assembly and processing costs on the marketing of milk in Maine, by Taylor, et al. (1979)
  • TB087–Delivery costs per package on whole-sale milk routes–A comparison of two methods of cost allocation, by Flanders and Metzger (1977)
  • TB079–The economic impact of expanding the federal milk order into northern New England, by Metzger and Webster (1976)
  • TB072–Selection for type and milk production in dairy cattle, by Dickey (1974)

Miscellaneous Publications

  • MP719–Rasing Holstein beef, by Baier and Wallace (1994)

Miscellaneous Reports

  • MR332–Estimated 1988 theoretical processing and distribution costs for the Maine dairy industry, by Criner et al. (1989)