Field manual for managing eastern white pine health in New England published

Cover page of MP764The Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station has published MP764: Field Manual for Managing Eastern White Pine Health in New England.


William H. Livingston, UMaine
Isabel Munck, USDA Forest Service
Kyle Lombard, NH Division of Forests & Lands
Jennifer Weimer, NH Division of Forests & Lands
Aaron Bergdahl, Maine Forest Service
Laura S. Kenefic, USDA Forest Service
Barbara Schultz, Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, & Recreation
Robert S. Seymour, UMaine


This manual provides basic information for identifying and evaluating important health problems of eastern white pine in New England. The health problems include:

  • White pine weevil
  • White pine blister rust
  • Caliciopsis canker
  • White pine bast scale
  • White pine needle damage
  • Red rot or Red-ring rot

In addition to providing descriptions of symptoms, signs, and risk factors, recommendations for white pine silviculture are described for managing stands for low densities and crop trees.