Physical properties, environmental impacts and business aspects of wood and wood-based composite materials

Worker health and safety in the forest products industry is important. To date, particulate emissions have not been assessed in the rapidly growing pellet fuel industry. This research will assess particulate emissions that could endanger human health and will result in clear guidelines for state and federal government officials. Additionally, the wood fuel pellet industry in the Northeast is poised for substantial growth; however, competition is strong from other areas and quality problems can lead to business failure. Through a series of experiments, specific quality-related variables, such as species mix and pellet segment length will be assessed to determine their effect on product quality. Thermal properties are critical for assessing efficiency and thermal losses or gains. This work will provide data at evaluated and reduced moisture contents and temperatures that are not currently available and will aid in accurate energy calculations and increased energy efficiency.

Investigator: Rice, R.

Unit: School of Forest Resources

Termination Date: 30-Sep-16