Improved hatchery and grow-out methods for Maine’s shellfish culture industry

The shellfish culture industry in Maine has seen steady growth since its inception 30 years ago. During this time, industry growth had been primarily fueled by the increased production of blue mussels and eastern oysters. Recent disease outbreaks and increases in the abundance and distribution of pathogens and other pest species, however, have highlighted how over-reliance on one or two species leaves the industry vulnerable to epizootics. The proposed project will investigate the dynamics of transmission for Roseovarius oyster disease, a bacterial disease that has the potential to cause significant crop losses on Maine oyster farms, develop preventative measures for controlling blister worm, a pest species whose incidence on Maine farms has been on the increase and which can seriously undermine the value of market size oysters, and contribute to the diversification of Maine’s shellfish culture industry by developing hatchery and grow-out protocols for razor clams.

Investigator: Rawson, P.

Unit: School of Marine Sciences

Termination Date: 30-Sep-19