Sustainable human-forest interactions in Maine

Human dimensions of natural resources have become a recognized component of management that is just as necessary as ecological study. As the state of Maine faces emerging issues such as increased development, growing motorized recreation use, and changes in supply and demand for forest resources, this research fills a critical need. The coupled human-forest interactions framework can provide natural resource managers and other stakeholders in Maine better understanding of how humans (e.g., landowners, recreationists, local community members) interact with forest resources, their preferences for and needs from natural resource management, and increased options and directions for management actions. Research to-date has yet to fully incorporate a social psychology and environmental communication focus into human dimensions theory. This proposed project would take that step, and provide Maine’s natural resources stakeholders with effective evidence-based tools and communication methods.

Investigator: Leahy, J.

Unit: School of Forest Resources

Termination Date: 30-Sep-16