Protecting cultural resources with rapid environmental change

There is global evidence of rapid environmental change as the result of climate change and in some cases introduction of invasive species. The environmental changes are often particularly severe to socially, economically, and disadvantaged populations with strong connections to natural resources for cultural, spiritual, economical, and health reasons. This research will bring diverse groups together to address, research, and manage for rapid environmental change. Tribal agencies, state and federal agencies, and private entities will use research to develop best management practices (BMPs) for conservation and use of culturally significant natural resources. There will be an increased utility of social-cultural information being integrated into current research initiatives that model biophysical resource changes and this will help improve mitigation strategies and the planning and management of natural resources. Finally, there will be an improved understanding of the pattern of adaptive capacity of human communities with various natural resource sectors likely to be impacted by rapid environmental change.

Investigator: Daigle, J.

Unit: School of Forest Resources

Termination Date: 30-Sep-19