Products and processes for a healthier community

Maine is a state endowed with many natural benefits but business opportunities are scarce. Development of new food and dietary supplement products, and processes to produce them, will benefit farmers, processors and consumers. Farmers, commodity groups and processors will be informed opportunities to produce and promote the health benefits of Maine botanicals and food crops. Schoolchildren and other foodservice patrons may not be aware that tasty, but healthful, potato products can contribute valuable nutrients. Anticipated outcomes from this proposed project include the formation of new businesses producing herbal supplements made from under-utilized wild Maine plants, increased consumer awareness of supplement and food health benefits and /or their limitations for improving health, new food crops for Maine farmers, new business opportunities for Maine potato farmers and processors, and improved quality of life for Maine residents through reduction in days lost to illness.

Investigators: Camire, M. E.; Perkins, L. B.; Bolton, J.

Unit: School of Food and Agriculture

Termination Date: 30-Sep-17