Sign the Pledge

  Male’s Pledge Against Violence

I pledge:

  • to educate myself on issues surrounding violence while developing personal beliefs against the use of violence
  • to be a positive role model for my community
  • to look honestly at my actions in regard to violence and make changes if necessary
  • to educate others on all issues surrounding violence
  • to take initiative!  I will be prepared and have the courage to correct others regarding violence
  • to support women’s groups.  I may not be able to prevent all violence but I will help those who have been victimized
  • to be aware of pre-existing beliefs, stereotypes or rumors that may alter my judgements
  • to challenge the social norm, nothing will change
  • to learn to identify problematic situations to help victims

By signing below, your name will be added to MAAV’s anti-violence pledge sheet.

Spread the MAAV message throughout your community.

For more information on the University of Maine’s MAAV program, call 207.581.3138 or visit the MAAV website.

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