Mission of Male Athletes Against Violence (MAAV)

Violence is a way of asserting power, privilege, and control. Men perpetrate the majority of violence, and yet this issue is usually framed as a “woman’s issue.” Change will come when we challenge the social norms and institutions that actively or implicitly condone and promote violence. MAAV is an effort to involve men so that we can begin to understand that violence is very much a “man’s issue.” This project was founded in the Fall 2004 by Dr. Sandra L. Caron, Professor of Family Relations/Human Sexuality and is modeled after her nationally recognized peer education program, Athletes for Sexual Responsibility. The first Student Coordinator of MAAV was Marcus Walton, a University of Maine football player. For more information on MAAV call 207/581-3138 or e-mail: scaron@maine.edu

Click here to watch “Going Deep: Male Athletes Against Violence” by CAA Sports.

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