C.O.R.E. Campaign

Conservation, Outreach, Research, and Education…for the future of the lobster industry.

The Lobster Institute has embarked upon it’s C.O.R.E. Campaign to secure it’s operations for the future.

Phase I of the Campaign was completed in 2010 — with over $2,000,000 received in gifts and grants to bolster Lobster Institute infrastructure and to build an endowment fund to help secure the Lobster Institute’s future.

We will soon begin Phase II of the C.O.R.E. Campaign “Sustaining the Lobster Institute”.  Our goal in Phase II is to obtain another $2,000,000 to complete the endowment in support of the Lobster Institute’s leadership and operations.

We hope you will support our campaign with your charitable contribution now or through your estate planning. You can contact the Institue at 207-581-2751 to learn about ways to give, or even make your gift online through the University of Maine Foundation. Please read more about our C.O.R.E. Campaign below.

The Core of the Lobster Institute

At the core of the Lobster Institute is conservation, outreach, research and education efforts that are focused on protecting, conserving and enhancing the lobster resource and lobstering as an industry….and as a way of life. It is the perfect example of a marriage between public enterprise and the University of Maine, working together for the greater good of the lobster industry. We approach our goals and challenges with guidance from lobstermen, collaboration with other research organizations, and the scientific and technical expertise a strong university connection provides.

How We Make a Difference

The Institute is dedicated to the principles of cooperation and communication and is committed to the conservation of the lobster industry and its resources in the waters ranging from Long Island Sound, through New England and into the Canadian Maritime Provinces. Founded by industry, we continue to be industry-driven—seeking guidance and involvement from fishermen and all constituents within the lobster industry in our pro-active approach to research, educational outreach, and the preseration of the cultural heritage and spirit of lobstering communities.

How you can make a Difference

By supporting the Lobster Institute’s C.O.R.E. Campaign you can make a significant contribution in these four key areas:

Conservation – Safeguarding the lobster stock through health and environmental monitoring

Outreach – Maximizing the resource through sound fishery practices, technical assistance, and new product development

Research – Proactive and collaborative research that provides a direct and positive impact on the lives of lobstermen

Education – Promoting communication among lobstermen, and between the lobster industry, the scientific community, and the community at large.

Our Strategic Goals

  • To provide service and support to the lobster industry with academic resources to provide innovative solutions;
  • To strengthen the cooperation and collaboration with lobstermen and all sectors of the lobster industry as a means to encourage industry unity;
  • To take a pro-active role in conservation issues to ensure the health and abundance of the lobster resource;
  • To assume a pro-active role in communications and public relations throughout the industry in the North Atlantic region and the world;
  • To ensure the financial stability and perpetuity of the Institute’s operations and grogramming priorities.

Our Invitation to You

We encourage you to become a standard bearer for the Lobster Institute’s C.O.R.E. Campaign. The demand for the Institute’s expertise has increased exponentially as its name recognition has grown and its programs and projects have positively impacted a greater segment of the industry. Each of the Lobster Institute’s program and financial goals is closely correlated with the goals and priorities of its business/strategic plan of action. We have set our standards high out of respect for the mission and goals of the Institute and, most importantly, for the lobster industry and the men and women who are its backbone. We invite you to become a C.O.R.E. contributor, and join us and the lobstering communities we support to safeguard the traditions and secure the future of this vital fishery. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our campaign, about the Institute, and how you can make your gift.

The Lobster Institute’s endowment fund has been established within the University of Maine Foundation. The Foundation is an independent 501(c)3 organization which serves as the fiscal sponsor and fund manager for the Friends of the Lobster Institute. Established in 1934, the Foundation exists to encourage gifts and bequests to elevate intellectual pursuits at the University of Maine.