Who can fish for lobsters?
A lobsterman can be a man or a woman…or a boy or a girl. You have to get a special fishing license just for lobsters. Some people catch lobsters for fun, but many men and women catch and sell lobsters as their job. You need to learn how from another person that catches lobsters and you have to have that special license.

How do you catch a lobster?
Lobsters are caught in lobster traps (also called lobster pots). A lobsterman will put a bag full of bait (usually herring or other fish) in each trap. He or she will then go out in the ocean in their lobsterboat and drop their traps into the water, and hope that the lobster will go into the trap because they want to eat the bait. Once a lobster is in the trap it is hard for it to get out. After a day or two, the lobsterman will pull up the traps they dropped into the water and hope to see lobsters inside.

Can you keep all the lobsters you catch?
No. Sometimes lobsters have to be put back in the ocean. Most of the time, lobstermen will put mother lobsters back into the ocean; and also the smaller, younger lobsters. Sometimes they put the very big lobster back too. They do this to be sure there will always be enough lobsters in the ocean and enough for fishermen to catch and people to eat. This is called conservation.