Lobsters in the News October 30 – November 13

2 years ago, lobsters started dying in traps. Now scientists think they know why

by Barbara Moran
Water quality samples (marked by circles) taken by the Division of Marine Fisheries and the Center for Coastal Studies in 2019. The red area indicates a “severely hypoxic” zone. Normal dissolved oxygen (DO) is around 8-10 milligrams per liter.
 Image courtesy Tracy Pugh, Mass. Division of Marine Fisheries

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Funding Opportunities
The NMFS-Sea Grant Joint Fellowship Program in Population and Ecosystem Dynamics and Marine Resource Economics places Ph.D. students in research-based fellowships that provide support for up to three years. The program is designed to fulfill workforce development needs identified by the NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and since 1999, has provided opportunities for 151 Ph.D. students.

The opportunity to apply for 2022 fellowships is now open. Applications are due to Sea Grant programs on January 27, 2022.

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Questions? Contact your local Sea Grant Program or the National Sea Grant Office at oar.sg.fellows@noaa.gov / (240) 507-3712.

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