2018-19 Undergraduate Student Fellowship Awards

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the McGillicuddy Humanities Center are pleased to announce the recipients of the Research and Creative Activities Fellowships for the 2018-2019 academic year. The fellowships were developed to support undergraduate student involvement in faculty supervised research and creative activity.

Each fellowship provides an award of up to $1,100 for the student to help cover costs of the project. The 2018-2019 recipients are:

  • Amanda Laverdiere, Psychology, “The Relationships between Income and Education on Cognitive Function,” advised by Rebecca MacAulay
  • Brianna Ballard, History, “From Frontier to Battlefield: Changing Medical Roles for Maine Women from the Early Modern Age of Martha Ballard to the Modern Battlefield,” advised by Liam Riordan (MHC)
  • Christian Powell, Communication and Journalism, “There’s a meme for that: Understanding the role of memes in daily communication,” advised by Judith Rosenbaum-Andre
  • Dakota Gramour, History and International Affairs, “Holocaust Ghettos Project,” advised by Ann Knowles
  • Eliza Bennett, Computing and Information Science, “Machine-Learning Art: A Virtual Catalog,” advised by Sofian Audry
  • Jonathan Donnelly, Computing and Information Science, “Paleontology VR,” advised by Michael Scott
  • Jordan Morace, History, “Holocaust Ghettos Project,” advised by Ann Knowles
  • Leah Jennings, Psychology, “Are there boundaries to sexism? Examining women’s stress responses to ambiguous and clear sexism,” advised by Shannon McCoy
  • Liam Reading, Art, “Hand Printed Book,” advised by Walter Tisdale (MHC)
  • Marta Herzog, Psychology, “Central adiposity as risk factor for cognitive decline and poor sleep quality in aging adults with or without mild cognitive impairment,” advised by Marie Hayes
  • Micah Q. Valliere, English, “The Tale of Cupid and Psyche: A New English Translation,” advised by Benjamin Friedlander (MHC)
  • Robert Millett, New Media, “LGBT Resource App,” advised by Jon Ippolito (MHC)
  • Ruben Torres, Political Science, “The realist threat to American power,” advised by Paul Holman
  • Ryan Bray, Chemistry, “Photoswitchable CRAC Channel Inhibitors,” advised by Michael Kienzler
  • Sadie Novak, Chemistry, “Production and Validation of a Fluorescent Ligand Specific to Zebrafish Neutrophils,” advised by Michael Bricachek
  • Sarah Seitz, Computing and Information Science, “Data Queen,” advised by Jon Ippolito

For more information, contact Mike Robbins, Acting Associate Dean for Academics.