2017-2018 Fellowship Award Recipients

CLAS Fellowship Award Student Recipients

(Student Name, Academic Focus, Project Title, Faculty Mentor)

  1. Ariel Bouchard, psychology, “Hypoxemia in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Individuals as a Proposed Factor in the Detection of MCI,” Prof. Marie Hayes
  2. Paul Caruso, physics, “Structural Studies of Nanostructured Thin Film Materials Using High Resolution X-ray Diffraction,” Prof. Robert Lad
  3. Cassidy Gagne, psychology, “The effects of exercise on working memory,” Prof. Fayeza Ahmed
  4. Gene Herrschaft, new media, “Facilitating Meaningful Interpersonal Connections Through a Virtual Space,” Prof. Nicholas Giudice
  5. Zachary Kostusyk, psychology, “Priming Prosocial Behaviors Not: Effects of Different Reminders to Help,” Prof. Jordan Labouff
  6. Johanna Lunn, human dimensions of climate change, “Maine’s Culture of Thrift: On Meaning and Motivation,” Prof. Cindy Isenhour
  7. Tessali Morrison, chemistry, “Synthesis of Hydrogel Containing Quaternary Amine Polymers Used for Anti-Biofouling,” Prof. William Gramlich
  8. Kathleen Murphy, political science, “Policy Analysis of V-Notching in the Maine Lobster Fishery,” Prof. Teresa Johnson
  9. Samantha Saucier, sociology, “Troubling Pornography: Tensions of pornography consumption habits,” Prof. Jennie Woodward
  10. Cole Spike, psychology, “Peer Wellness Coaching,” advised by Jordan Labouff
  11. Nathan Sprangers, music education, “The perceived bene t of homegenous recorder instruction as reported by older adult novice musicians,” Prof. Philip Edelman
  12. Catherine Tufts, chemistry, “The Synthesis and Application of Chiral Phosphate Mimics,” Prof. Matthew Brichacek

Maine Space Grant Consortium (MSGC) Undergraduate Fellowship Award Student Recipients

(Student Name, Academic Focus, Project Title, Faculty Mentor)

  1. Daniel Adams, Chemistry, Detection of Hazard Chemicals using Novel Mixed Copper-Lead Nanoparticles. Applications of Vapochromic Sensing Behavior, Prof. Howard Patterson
  2. Samuel Borer, Physics, Measuring the Cross Section of Charge Current Quasi-Elastic Neutral Hyperons in ArgoNeuT, Prof. Saima Farooq
  3. Chayton Boucher, Chemistry, Determination of Catalyst Mechanism Using NMR Spectroscopy, Prof. Brian Frederick
  4. Rebeka Bullard, Biology, Enhancement of Metallophilic Copper(I)-Platinum(II) Emission by Cationic Substitution in Solid Crystals, Prof. Howard Patterson
  5. Jason Alexander Dignan, New Media, Huskeh Tech – Mobile Makerspace, Prof. Gene Felice
  6. Emma Lueders, Chemistry , Synthesis of Copper- doped Bismuth Oxyhalide for Photocatalysis of Harmful Herbicides, Prof. Howard Patterson
  7. Andrew Nolan, Earth and Climate Sciences , Surge Glacier Dynamics of Turner Glacier, St. Elias Mountains, Alaska, Since 1984, Prof. Karl Kreutz
  8. Stanley Small, Computer Science, Counting Peaks in Ice-Core Data, Prof. Sudarshan Chawathe
  9. Ryan Warner, Chemistry, Photocatalytic Gas-to- Liquid Processing, Prof. Howard Patterson
  10. Abigail Weigang, Bioengineering, Selective surface modi cation of paper substrates for controlled-adhesion diagnostic devices, Prof. Caitlin Howell

Maine Space Grant Consortium (MSGC) Graduate Fellowship Award Student Recipients

(Student Name, Academic Program, Faculty Mentor)

  1. Alison Chase, Ph.D. in Oceanography, Prof. Emmanuel Boss
  2. Matthew Moyet, Ph.D. in Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Prof. Howard Patterson
  3. Francis Barnes, Ph.D. in Chemistry, Prof. Howard Patterson
  4. Aaron Nicholas, Ph.D. in Chemistry, Prof. Howard Patterson
  5. Robert Morefield, master’s degree in Zoology, Prof. Heather Hamlin
  6. Adrianne Lovuolo, master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Prof. Shaleen Jain