Reporting a Bias Incident on Campus or in the Community

What is a bias incident?

A bias incident is conduct that discriminates, stereotypes, excludes, harasses or harms anyone in our community based on their identity (such as race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, or religion).  Bias may stem from fear, misunderstanding, hatred or stereotypes.  It may be intentional or unintentional.

Why report a bias incident?

The University is committed to ensuring that students, faculty and staff can live, work and study in an environment free of bias, however we need your help.  To address incidents of bias we need to know about them.  Reporting an incident will lead to outreach to those directly impacted and assist the University leadership in understanding the nature and occurrences of  bias incidents.  This will help us to prevent bias incidents in the future.

How do I report a bias incident? 

The University is committed to ensuring that students, faculty and staff can report incidents of bias in a confidential setting and without fear of retaliation. You can report an incidence of bias using the on-line reporting form.  You can also call 207-581-1406.  Your report can be anonymous or you can share your name and contact information.  You can also report a bias incident to the Office of International Programs and we will help you to file a report.

To report an emergency or if you are reporting an incident that poses an imminent risk of harm to a person(s) or property call 911/Police before completing this form.

What happens after I  report a bias incident?

 If you provide your contact information the Deputy Title IX Coordinator and the Director of the Office of Multicultural Student Life will conduct an initial meeting with you, inform you of your options, explain possible University responses, maintain ongoing contact with you as appropriate, and will convene the Bias Response Team to address any larger issues as necessary.   The Bias Response Team is made up of staff members from various offices on campus, including the Office of International Programs.

For more information please visit the Office of Student Life’s Bias Response Team website.