International Dance Festival Participant Registration

Sorry, we are no longer accepting registrations for participation in the 2019 International Dance Festival.  


Please read all of the relevant information before filling out the form below.

Performance Date/Time/Place

Saturday, February 16th
2pm and 7pm
Collins Center for the Arts.

Mandatory Rehearsals/Progress Updates

Mandatory weekly rehearsals for all IDF participants will be held on the following dates.
January 26
February 2 and 9–Dress Rehearsal February 15

Location: To be announced.

Each group will be assigned a 20-30 minute time slot.

For more information on rehearsals click here.


Costumes need to be ordered by December 31, 2018.  We have a large number of costumes from previous performances that should be considered before new items are purchases.   OIP and ISA have a small budget for costumes.  Groups should review the purchase guidelines before buying anything that for which they need reimbursement.

For costume purchase guidelines, click here. To Submit your costume form, click here.


Music selections are due no later than December 31, 2018.

Types of Performances

As Maine communities are not often exposed to international culture, dances that include traditional themes and clothing are the most interesting to the IDF audience. Performers should take this into consideration when choreographing dances and planning costumes. Also, keep in mind that the introduction of too many different types of dances or numerous costume/music changes during a single act may detract from the performance.

This is a family friendly show. Check you music carefully for inappropriate lyrics and try to stay away from movements that are overly suggestive. Do not choose music or bust any dance moves that you grandmother would not approve of.

The 5 minute maximum time length will be strictly observed.