2021 EPIC Discovery Race - Sample Poems

Trailblazer by Sarah Holbrook

Gentle hands
And long hours.
Careful aim in the ivy tower.

Inspiration is the kindling.
Creativity, the spark.
Persistence is the quality that keeps it alight in the dark.

Though marked by pain,
And riddled with struggles,
Failures are what keep scientists humble.

So come,
Follow me,
Down this path of discovery.

Along the way,
We’ll find hope and wonder,
Worth all the hard work and lack of slumber.

I carry my flame
With skill and pride,
In hopes that others may enjoy the ride.

By Cong Chen

Big wood
Tinny crystals
Are they related at all?
Big constructions
Tinny films Do they come from the same material?
Come to my lab You will find all the answers

By Rebecca Collins

I group my days not by weeks but by time between assignments sometimes 3, sometimes 7, sometimes 14 and question the tangibility of a deadline, the concept of a bedtime, what it might feel like to unwind after eight months without closing the GPA calculator tab on my computer

By Abby Novak

Light, airy, fragile.
Porous, more space, wide.
Forestry, agriculture, CHP plants.
Biochar is the solution.

By Andrea Brooks

The seeds are down into the ground
Planted deep so they can’t be found
Until the sunlight warmth and rain
Makes signals to make gains
From the earth they will spring
Fresh new life the plants will bring