IEI courses

IEI courses

IEI courses are based on a paired skills model with two courses in each level per session.

The Listening and Speaking classes focus on:

  • Developing and improving listening comprehension and note-taking skills
  • Expanding academic and social vocabulary
  • Generating, developing, and organizing ideas for speaking tasks to give presentations and participate in classroom discussions. 
  • Improving oral fluency and pronunciation

Reading and Writing classes focus on:

  • Developing  the skills and confidence to approach academic texts
  • Developing  key academic reading skills
  • Expanding academic vocabulary 
  • Evaluating text construction.
  • Developing academic writing skill through written practice

Find a more thorough description of learning outcomes based on level here:

Learning Outcomes


CEFR  IEI Level Possible plan of study 
A1- Intro  Intro  Full Time IEI 

 2 semesters before Bridge

A2- High Beginner  Level 1  Full Time IEI 

1-2 Semesters before Bridge

B1- Low Intermediate  Level 2  Full Time IEI 

1 Semester before Bridge

B2- High Intermediate  Level 3  Bridge possible  


Or 1 Semester IEI

C1- Advanced Low  Level 4  Bridge possible  

(2 classes) 

Or 1 semester IEI