Vascularized Self-Replenishing Surfaces

LeafdeviceNature has developed ways to keep the surfaces of animals and plants functioning and contamination-free. Inspired by this concept, we have devised methods to incorporate vascular systems into infused polymers to give them self-replenishing properties. Using 3D printing, we explore the effects of vascularization on self-replenishment and adapt these systems for use across a wide variety of applications in industry and medicine.




For more information, check out these publications:

Howell C, Vu T, Lin J, Kolle S, Juthani N,Watson E, Weaver J, Alvarenga J, Aizenberg J (2014). Self-replenishing vascularized fouling-release surfaces. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 6, 13299-13307

MacCallum N, Howell C, Kim P, Sun D, Friedlander R, Ranisau J, O. Ahanotu, Lin J, Hatton B, Wong T-S, Aizenberg J (2015), Oil-infused silicone tubing as a biofouling-free medical material. ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering, 1, 43-51.


Group members working on this topic: Kayla Marquis, Anna Webber, Huseini Patanwala