Cell-Sheet Release Surfaces

NidhicellswellTissue engineering is an important and versatile tool in the biomedical field. However, more tools to control the growth of an manipulate cells are needed as researchers work to create ever more complex cellular constructs or understand cellular functioning on a deeper level. To that end, we have developed a new surface for the growth and release of cells as intact sheets. We are currently working to refine this method and apply it to a variety of cell types.

For more information, check out these publications:

Juthani N, Howell C, Ledoux H, Sotiri I, Kelso S, Kovalenko Y, Tajik A, Vu T, Sutton A, Aizenberg J. (2016) Infused polymers for cell sheet release. Nature Scientific Reports. DOI 10.1038/srep26109

Sotiri I, Overton J, Waterhouse A, Howell C (2016) Immobilized liquid layers: a new approach to anti-adhesion surfaces for medical applications. Experimental Biology and Medicine, 241, 909-918.

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