International Affairs/History and the Development of the Global System Requirements

A “C” or better is required in all International Affairs courses counting towards the major, regardless of concentration. Check the Undergraduate Catalog ( for complete details pertaining to the International Affairs Major.

IA Core Requirements15 credit hours
ANT 102 – Introduction to Anthropology: Diversity of Cultures
ECO 121 – Principles of Macroeconomics
HTY 241 – History of Globalization
INA 101 – Introduction to International Affairs
POS 120 – Introduction to World Politics

Capstone Requirements3 credit hours
HTY 498 – Senior Seminar in History

Foreign Language Experience 6 credit hours
International Affairs majors who are not international students must take and pass the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) with a rating of Intermediate (Low, Mid, or High) or better.

  • Students are responsible for paying for these tests.
  • Minimum preparation for these tests is generally six credits at the 300-level or above in French or Spanish, or in the recommended equivalent in the VOX sequence of Critical Languages on campus.
  • Learning abroad experience, including study abroad, also offers opportunities for language training.
  • International students are permitted to meet the language requirement with their TOEFL score, but are encouraged to undertake further foreign language study.
  • Students cannot meet the language requirement in their native language.

Thematic Courses: History and Development of the Global System (History as primary field)
21-27 primary credit hours + 6 secondary credits

For the thematic concentration, you must take 7 to 9 primary courses, and at least 2 secondary courses.

Primary Courses:
HTY 240 – Creation of the Atlantic World: 1450-1888
HTY 275/GEO 275 – Geography of Globalization
HTY 279 – European Military History
HTY 407 – The Age of Monarchs and Revolution: Europe, 1648-1815
HTY 408 – Nineteenth Century Europe, 1815-1914
HTY 409 – Twentieth Century Europe, 1915-1945
HTY 410 – Twentieth Century Europe II, since 1945
HTY 442 – The U.S. and Vietnam: A History
HTY 446 – History of Modern Middle East, 1800-Present
HTY 450 – Rise and Fall of the British Empire
HTY 473 – History of US Foreign Relations I
HTY 474 – History of US Foreign Relations II
HTY 487 – The First World War

Secondary Courses:
ANT 249 – Religion and Violence
ANT 256 – Ethnic Conflict
ANT 454 – Cultures and Societies of the Middle East
POS 273 – International Relations
POS 369 – Topics in International Relations
POS 470 – International Law
POS 476 – Seminar in World Politics

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