The Pieces of your Project

All National History Day projects should tell a story.  Whether you are creating an exhibit, making a website, or acting out an original performance, your project should include an introduction, a thesis statement, and a conclusion.  The elements of an effective National History Day project are orientation, segmentation, explanation, and an annotated bibliography.


Make sure that your project is organized.  The title and subtitle of the exhibit are the prominent features of your design.  Additionally, make sure that the main idea or thesis of your project is clear to the viewer.


Organize your project into subtopics.  Each subtopic should relate to and provide context or analysis for your thesis.


Present your project with clear and concise captions, text, or language.  Make sure that you identify all your pictures, objects, or documents, and/or provide an interpretation of this information for your viewer.

Annotated Bibliography:

The quality of your annotated bibliography is often what judges will review when comparing History Day projects. Good projects might get students to the top of their judging group, but good bibliographies based on sound research often will be the deciding factor for judges. Remember that bibliographies should be in MLA or Turabian styles.

Helpful Links:

For information on how to begin creating your entry, visit the National History Day website on Creating an Entry.

For examples of projects, visit the National History Day website.

For more information please contact Maine NHD State Coordinator:

John Taylor Phone: 207-474-7133 Email: