HTY 601: Seminar: American Colonial History

Instructor: Riordan, Liam

Days/Time: Th 4:00 – 5:50 PM

Location: Stevens 310 / Web Live

Course Number: 23676 (In Person) 23678 (Online)

Description: This research seminar aims to help graduate students produce a polished piece of original historical writing. Any student who has a solid idea of an article-length project that they would like to research and write in a single semester can benefit from this class.  It is ideally suited for those who are ready to tackle a thesis or dissertation chapter.  In order to successfully complete this course, you must have access to a substantial body of primary sources for your project.  While the professor’s research specialty best supports those working on North American and Anglo-American topics before 1830, the seminar is open to all graduate students.  You are encouraged to work closely with other faculty to help conceptualize and complete the best possible paper in a single semester.

The seminar follows a carefully structured schedule of research and writing.  Although each student will work on an original and independent project, we will meet weekly to exchange our writing and provide peer feedback.  Seminar members must share their writing with the entire class repeatedly throughout the semester.  Because of its collaborative nature, attendance and careful attention to due dates is of the utmost importance.