HTY 507: American History to the Civil War

Instructor: Professor Liam Riordan

Days/Time: Wednesday, 4-5:50PM

Course Number

Location: Stevens 310 & WEB Online

Course Description: This seminar provides a graduate-level introduction to the current state of early American historical scholarship. By examining the same period as the first half of the U.S. survey (Colonial to Civil War/Reconstruction) this course can help one to become a more effective teacher of a staple course offered at almost all high schools and colleges in the U.S. In addition to an emphasis on content and attention to pedagogy, the seminar assesses varied methodological approaches to historical research—some readings are established classics, others ground-breaking recent work. We will also develop collaborative lesson plans for using online sources of historical information in our teaching. Assignments can be modified to better meet specific student needs (e.g., to best support high school teachers or to prepare for PhD comprehensive exams). Please contact Liam Riordan at for more information.

General Education Requirements: This course does not satisfy any general education requirements.