HTY 505: American Political History

Instructor: Nathan Godfried

Time: We 3:00PM – 4:50PM

Location: Remote (online, synchronous)

Course Number: 66379

Course Description: This course is a reading seminar on American political history, with a focus on the twentieth century.  Political history has been narrowly defined as dealing with public policy, the state, and the uses of the state.  This course expands the definition beyond the traditional focus on politicians, parties, and organized activity.  Driven by the understanding that power remains central to the very concept of politics, historians now seek to understand a myriad of themes surrounding the issue of “who rides whom and how.”  This course introduces students to some of the creative, complex, and significant work done by historians in the analysis of power, broadly defined.  Through readings, discussions, and analytical writing assignments, we will examine the theoretical and methodological debates that shape political history in modern U.S. society.

Prerequisites & Notes

graduate students, senior history majors and others by permission.

Credits: 3